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Justin talks about the republican debate and he plays a few clips of Donald Trump. Trump openly states that he's a crony capitalist and he's happy about it! This is what's wrong with the "system" today and why it doesn't work!  The politicians out there act like mobsters demanding "protection money!" This is what needs to change and the guy openly embracing the current system is the republican primary front-runner

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Justin talks about the CEO Dan Price and his "brilliant" decision to set the minimum salary at his company to $70,000 per year!  As kind as that sounds, it has many unintended consequences and his employees are very upset and are quitting! Does this story about Dan Price and his company, Gravity Payments, remind you of Twentieth Century Motors from Atlas Shrugged?  

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Justin talks about the unintended consequences of Obamacare. He also talks about medical innovations coming that are in spite of Obamacare and are coming from the private sector! The free market is the answer to better healthcare, not the Government!

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Justin compares the republican leaning states with the democrat leaning states.  Which states are the most pro growth?  Which states are people fleeing? What states have the least income inequality? All these questions and more are all answered on this episode!

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President Obama recently endorsed the idea of mandatory voting. Justin plays the clips of President Obama saying this and then Justin points out why this is a very bad idea! Justin ends the show talking about subsidies and why the government will never truly cut spending until it's forced to do so. And this will not be pretty!

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President Obama recently proposed that Community College should be FREE for everybody!  Justin talks about why this is a bad idea and has many unintended consequences that will make us all worse off and will dumb down future generations to come!

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