Justin Mohr Show

Justin talks about how the government uses class warfare to favor an increase in the size of government. Also, the government is stealing the wages of the average American out there and they don't even know it! Justin explains how this is done and much more.

Justin talks about inequality and makes the case why inequality is not bad and it is actually a good thing!  Capitalism is what improves the lives of everybody, both the rich and the poor. Justin also explains the difference between high and low time preference people.

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Justin talks about why the state of the union is an illusion! The economy is not recovering today! The government has made the problems worse and will end in a future crisis much bigger than 2008. President Obama, the shadow of crisis has not passed!

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Justin talks to Dr. Mark Thornton, senior fellow at the Mises Institute. Dr. Thornton talks about why the economy is not recovering today, the FED, the cause of the low oil prices today, recent news in Switzerland, gold and silver and why deflation is not a bad thing!

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President Obama recently proposed that Community College should be FREE for everybody!  Justin talks about why this is a bad idea and has many unintended consequences that will make us all worse off and will dumb down future generations to come!

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Justin talks about why gun control doesn't work and makes all of us less safe. Gun free zones should be called kill zones!

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Justin talks about the real cost of regulations to the U.S. economy and why they are huring the economic recovery. Justin ends the show with a sound bite from the late Paul Harvey.

Justin talks about the importance of gold in the economy. He plays a clip of Dave Ramsey from his radio show and Dave has no understanding of the value and importance of gold. Justin refutes Dave Ramsey's points on gold and tells why gold is money and will be seen as money again!

Justin talks about the new spending bill just recently passed thru Congress. He also talks about the economic problems in Russia and how the U.S. could see very similar problems in the near future.

Justin explains why there should be no minimum wage at all. He backs it up with evidence and tells how destructive the minimum wage is. And how it hurts the people it's suppose to help!