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There’s $500 million in fraud taking place annually with the “Obama phones!”  Now this sort of incompetence and people taking advantage of the system is how all government programs end up working out.  Government has no incentive to be a good steward of our capital because government doesn’t have a profit motive!  And government takes money from us with force!  We have no choice but to hand over our hard earned money to the “mob.” There’s also a viral video out of a woman who’s throwing a temper tantrum because her EBT card hasn’t been recharged yet, so she’s just trashing a convenient store to show her anger. The government has been slow at recharging EBT cards for the month of June and many people are angry because the government is their sugar daddy! Personal responsibility has been lost on this society and the road to collapse seems inevitable at this point. Wake up your family and friends if they’re still asleep to the grim future we face in the very near future. What Venezuela is experiencing right now is coming here folks.

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