Justin Mohr Show

Justin starts off talking about creepy Joe Biden and says what indeed needs to be said about ole Joe. Justin also gets into why the FED needs to be audited!

Justin talks about how the government uses class warfare to favor an increase in the size of government. Also, the government is stealing the wages of the average American out there and they don't even know it! Justin explains how this is done and much more.

Justin talks about inequality and makes the case why inequality is not bad and it is actually a good thing!  Capitalism is what improves the lives of everybody, both the rich and the poor. Justin also explains the difference between high and low time preference people.

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Justin talks about why the state of the union is an illusion! The economy is not recovering today! The government has made the problems worse and will end in a future crisis much bigger than 2008. President Obama, the shadow of crisis has not passed!

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