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Justin breaks down and simplifies the crisis in Greece. He provides the necessary background so everything in the news about Greece makes sense!  The U.S. is without question heading down the road to Greece!

Justin starts off talking about FreedomFest and what all went down there. Then he talks about college and how it's a lousy investment and how the government has destroyed the value of a college degree!

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Justin talks about the joke that is Donald Trump!  He also talks about the problems in Greece and we should look out because it's coming to the United States!  Also discussed is hyperinflation and devastating it can be! Owning physical gold/silver is a good way to protect yourself and hedge against an out of control government that can simply create money with a click of a mouse!

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Dr. Murphy talks about how the Government made the Great Depression GREAT! Government intervention prolonged the Great Depression and made it worse! The information that you were never taught about the Great Depression in school is all in this episode!  This is a can't miss interview with incredible insight from Austrian economist, Dr. Robert Murphy!

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