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The New Hampshire debate was full of action and in the episode, several clips are played to show what happened at this debate.  Rubio literally repeated the exact same phrase four times, Donald Trump was booed several times!  And is eminent domain as necessary as Donald Trump says it is? All this and more on this episode of the Justin Mohr Show!

Keith Weiner talks about the economy, gold, interest rates, what a collapsing dollar looks like and so much more!  Keith has a fascinating view on the economy and what’s in store for us and this is a can’t miss interview!  Keith is CEO of Monetary Metals and founder of the Gold Standard Institute USA.

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Primary season has begun and the results from the Iowa Caucus led three republican candidates to exit the race.  With Rand Paul out of the race, this certainly leaves a void for lovers of liberty out there. There were several problems with Rand Paul’s campaign that led to his early departure from the race and I would argue lacking passion and a clear message being at the top of that list! During this episode, several clips are played from the Iowa Republican debate that was without Donald Trump.  Ted Cruz took a lot of heat in this debate and this was not a good for Ted Cruz in general.

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Several clips of Donald Trump are played on this episode and they reflect his economic ignorance! Donald Trump is a trade protectionist, he’s viscous and he seeks to destroy fellow candidates. But credit must be given where it’s due and it’s that Trump is a Great Manipulator of the media and he knows how to get people to talk about him.  Is Donald Trump really what America needs right now or is he exactly what America doesn’t need right now?

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