Justin Mohr Show

The inflation rate in Argentina is around 75% and will be over 90% by year end. I paid cash for everything while there and it was cheap! Average meal would cost you $3. Want a bottle of wine with dinner? You’re looking at $3 for a bottle. I also experienced some gas lines and surprise, surprise they ran out of money! If you don’t protect yourself, inflation will wipe out any savings you do have. In this episode I talk about ways to do just that. You won’t only survive but you will thrive! 

Interview with the legendary billionaire investor, Jim Rogers. His insights on the economy and life in Singapore and why he's had his daughters learn Mandarin. Instead of panicking with the rest of the crowd, Jim likes to sit back and let things unfold and buy when there's free money in the corner of the room just asking to be picked up.  His simple advice works but emotionally can be very hard to do and it's why most investors fail.