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We hear about the national debt of 34 Trillion and this number and that but it's hard to really think about what those numbers mean.  I break it all down in this podcast to a guy making 100k a year and put all those numbers in perspective.  That guy making 100k a year would be $722k in debt and spending 127k in 2024 alone.  It only gets worse and more unsustainable when you look at that same guys prospects 10 years out.  Listen and get it all here and use these stats when debating your friends and coworkers.  Tune in for more to come...

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The fed has finally cut interest rates and more rate cuts are coming by year end gold and silver is where to be. The precious metals are soaring in value as gold continues to make new six year highs!  The bull market in precious metals is finally here. In this episode I mention a credit card where you can claim a free $150 after signing up for the card. That referral link is right here: https://capital.one/2Wt2Q2j  

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The Fed has raised rates to the 2-2.25% range and this is the 8th rate hike since the fed began raising them in 2015. Fed Chairman, Jerome Powell, has given several speeches in the last week and there’s several insights we can gain from Mr. Powell just by reading closely into what he’s saying. Folks, this guy is completely clueless about the next economic crisis brewing out there. We are nearing the end of this super bubble.  

“Blown Away” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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Under Republican President, Donald Trump, the $1.3 Trillion omnibus spending bill has been signed. This bill increase spending more than Obama did!  This spending bill actually increases the budgets to many projects that Obama and the democrats love! Seriously why are people still playing the party game when we are heading the way of hyperinflation and a currency collapse just like what’s going on in Venezuela today! Trump will spend 41% more than Obama did! Where’s the tea party for this one?

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Capitalism today is seen as a bad word but this is because what people see as capitalism is really crony capitalism! This is what we need to change in people’s minds!  This is not how capitalism really is!  Capitalism is about exchanging value for value. The very wealthy are getting wealthier at a faster pace today compared to every other income group out there because the very rich benefit from an inflationary monetary policy from the Federal Reserve!  We need to stop this cronyism now before it’s too late and all we are left with is an authoritarian regime.

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On January 20th Donald Trump was officially sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. The 17 minute long speech he gave had a very nationalistic sort of tone to it and that is not a good sign for lovers of liberty.  Obama added $9.3 Trillion to the national debt in 8 years, while Bush added $4.9 Trillion. The problem with our economy today and the problems our country is facing is we’re spending too much money and the government is too big!  Both parties are at fault and the only way to make America great again is by reducing the size and scope of government!

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Vehicle discounts increased in December of 2016 to increase auto sales to yet, another record year!  Demand for cars has fallen because the auto bubble is deflating and it took a decrease in vehicle prices to bring people into dealerships. How much longer will this go on? The auto loan bubble will be fully pricked by the time the next economic crisis is here and we seem to be very close to that. Also, companies like Cadillac are offering a new program where you pay a $1,500 subscription and you can drive any top of the line Cadillac car you want. There is no contract, just a $1,500 a month subscription. This new program will begin to roll out on February 1st, 2017 in New York City. Is this the future of the car industry? What’s coming next?

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Donald Trump is 10 days away from being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States so we have to ask ourselves what will a Trump presidency look like? The way Trump is on twitter all the time saying he will put tariffs on a company that sends jobs overseas is rather concerning. It’s going to be an interesting 4 years of the Donald and I don’t think they will be good for liberty at all.

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Doug Casey talks about the economy and he sees the inevitable is now imminent! What’s coming in the economy won’t be just economic but it will also be social, political and military! Doug talks about how to invest in a gold mine and what to look for. He also gives advice to young people and why they should move to Africa as a way to increase their odds at being successful. This is a wide ranging interview and Doug provides so many insights from his experience as a successful speculator and a world traveler!  You really can’t afford to miss this interview!

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Donald Trump literally lays out what he’s doing now in his presidential campaign from his 1987 book, “The Art of the Deal.” Trump says you need to be a little outrageous, controversial and talk big!  Yes, Trump says play to people’s fantasies because most people don’t think big themselves, but they love to rally around someone who does!  Can you say, build a big, beautiful wall?!  The most fascinating quotes from Trump’s book are read in this episode. Also, Rush Limbaugh is considered “Mr. Conservative” but is conservatism really at the top of his list? Don’t miss this episode where all this is explained!

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Uber has just recently settled a $100 million class action lawsuit so that they could keep Uber drivers as independent contractors. So why is the independent contractor crucial to Uber’s success instead of the employee model?  It all comes down to avoiding costly government regulations! Government regulations are making it too expensive to do business in America today!  The government has its boot on the throats of businesses and they wonder why our economy is still struggling! When will we actually start repealing government regulations as a positive step forward instead of passing more regulations as the “answer?” I’m not sure but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Dr. Mark Skousen discusses what he sees happening to the U.S economy and it’s not a recovery! Dr. Skousen also talks about FreedomFest, which will be taking place this summer in Las Vegas! The line-up for this year’s conference is incredible and it’s a can’t miss event!  The valuable information you obtain, the people you meet, the stories you will be able to tell people for years to come is all happening July 13-16th. Register before it sells out at: www.freedomfest.com

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Justin talks about the republican debate and he plays a few clips of Donald Trump. Trump openly states that he's a crony capitalist and he's happy about it! This is what's wrong with the "system" today and why it doesn't work!  The politicians out there act like mobsters demanding "protection money!" This is what needs to change and the guy openly embracing the current system is the republican primary front-runner

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Justin talks about the CEO Dan Price and his "brilliant" decision to set the minimum salary at his company to $70,000 per year!  As kind as that sounds, it has many unintended consequences and his employees are very upset and are quitting! Does this story about Dan Price and his company, Gravity Payments, remind you of Twentieth Century Motors from Atlas Shrugged?  

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Justin talks about the unintended consequences of Obamacare. He also talks about medical innovations coming that are in spite of Obamacare and are coming from the private sector! The free market is the answer to better healthcare, not the Government!

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Justin compares the republican leaning states with the democrat leaning states.  Which states are the most pro growth?  Which states are people fleeing? What states have the least income inequality? All these questions and more are all answered on this episode!

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President Obama recently endorsed the idea of mandatory voting. Justin plays the clips of President Obama saying this and then Justin points out why this is a very bad idea! Justin ends the show talking about subsidies and why the government will never truly cut spending until it's forced to do so. And this will not be pretty!

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President Obama recently proposed that Community College should be FREE for everybody!  Justin talks about why this is a bad idea and has many unintended consequences that will make us all worse off and will dumb down future generations to come!

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