Justin Mohr Show

Justin talks about the importance of gold in the economy. He plays a clip of Dave Ramsey from his radio show and Dave has no understanding of the value and importance of gold. Justin refutes Dave Ramsey's points on gold and tells why gold is money and will be seen as money again!

Justin talks about the new spending bill just recently passed thru Congress. He also talks about the economic problems in Russia and how the U.S. could see very similar problems in the near future.

Justin explains why there should be no minimum wage at all. He backs it up with evidence and tells how destructive the minimum wage is. And how it hurts the people it's suppose to help!

Justin plays an audio clip from President Obama from 2011. Obama promises to have 1 million electric cars on the road by 2015. The problem is he is 826,000 electric cars away from that goal.  Justin also give many reasons why electric cars suck and are not the future!

Justin compares the three main schools of economic thought and he talks about which school he embraces and believes is correct.  He also talks about why the econmy booms and busts and who the true culprit is.

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