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John Tamny gets into the economics of Donald Trump's tax plan and the many flaws that it has. He also talks about Ben Bernanke and the lesson he failed to learn from the Great Depression!  Bernanke can't possibly understand the lessons from the Great Depression because he doesn't understand what happened in the forgotten depression of 1920-1921! The government nor the FED responded, they stayed out of the way and a booming recovery occurred in less than 2 years! Can you say the roaring 20s?  All this and much more on this episode!

Justin talks about the democrat debate and he plays several clips from the debate.  Democrats, are these five individuals the best you can do!?  The debate was horrible and the things said during the debate shows how far left the democrat party has moved! I play several clips from the debate so if you didn't watch it this episode will give you a good feel for how things went. 

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Politicians today love to pander to the poor and they like to tell us what they can do to help the poor!  The problem is, these guys don't help the poor!  The poor today live better than kings did just a few hundred years ago!  This prosperity has come from increases in productivity and this is all a result of capitalism! A rising tide lifts all boats and when more products are produced and more efficiently produced, prices come down!  We need more capitalism and a free market and less government!

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Justin talks about the CNN republican debate and he plays several clip of Rick Santorum.  Justin really goes after Rick's support for the minimum wage!  Heck, Rick's plan is to raise the minimum wage by 50 cents over the next 3 years!  He doesn't get it!  Rick is a disaster on economics and domestic policy as well as on foreign policy!  It's amazing that Rick Santorum was seen as Mr. Conservative in the 2012 republican primary.  The sad reality is that most people still don't get it!

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