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Venezuela is currently experiencing a collapse in it’s economy and what’s happening there could very well happen in the United States!  What the Venezuelan government has done to supposedly “fix” the economy continues to make matters worse!  Socialism and big government don’t work and Venezuela is living proof of that today!  Last year they had annual inflation of 180%, in 2016 experts are expecting annual inflation of 720%!  That sort of inflation officially meets the definition of hyperinflation!  Only gold can help bring stability back to the Venezuelan economy.

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Donald Trump has said that he will most likely be raising taxes on the rich. Trump has contradicted himself throughout the entire republican primary and he continues to do that now! Trump’s tax plan reduces the current seven brackets, down to four and he reduces the rates. It’s certainly an improvement to what we have now but Trump has said this is really a starting point to negotiating with the democrats. Most likely, the tax rates will be much higher than what Trump has proposed in his own tax plan. And we hear all these leftists say how the rich don’t pay their fair share, well, 16% of the wealthiest americans pay 80% of all federal income taxes!  The rich are paying more than their fair share!  All this and more, on this episode!

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The economy showed GDP growth of 0.5% in the first quarter of 2016, that’s down from 1.4% growth in the last quarter.  Our economy is almost technically in a recession and what is the FED to do? Lower interest rates? QE4? Our economy is not recovering and is in fact getting worse! Business investment hasn’t grown for the last 2 years!  And to top it off, we haven’t seen above 3% growth any year during Obama’s presidency!  This hasn’t been seen in modern times!  The Keynesian view of pumping money into the system and spending money isn’t working and has never worked!  When will the government and Federal Reserve actually do the right thing and step out of the way and reduce taxes and deregulate the economy? Well, with Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton as president, I don’t see that happening anytime soon.

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Uber has just recently settled a $100 million class action lawsuit so that they could keep Uber drivers as independent contractors. So why is the independent contractor crucial to Uber’s success instead of the employee model?  It all comes down to avoiding costly government regulations! Government regulations are making it too expensive to do business in America today!  The government has its boot on the throats of businesses and they wonder why our economy is still struggling! When will we actually start repealing government regulations as a positive step forward instead of passing more regulations as the “answer?” I’m not sure but I’m not going to hold my breath.

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Chris Casey talks about what to look for when investing in the marijuana industry and what criteria makes for a good company to invest in. There’s a lot of businesses in the marijuana industry that are not good businesses so it’s important to know what you’re looking for. Chris sees huge potential in the marijuana industry with lots of growth to come so now could be a fantastic time to enter the industry for some potentially huge gains! Chris and his team at Singularity Capital believe they have found several companies that will be huge beneficiaries in the years to come from the legal marijuana industry. Don’t miss the insight offered into an industry that very few understand.

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