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The economy continues to worsen for the people of Venezuela. People are digging through piles of rubbish to find food because they are starving and are more likely to come away with more food there then they would going to the grocery store! Families are letting their family dogs go because they can’t afford to feed them!  Stray dogs are so skinny that every rib and bone is visible!  This is what socialism does for people. Socialism brings equal misery to all! The government isn’t capable of providing abundance, that’s what capitalism does!  Government can only squander resources first taken from the private sector. The reality facing Venezuela today, could be in store for the average American very soon.

Charles Murray recently wrote a piece at the Wall Street Journal and he argues in favor of a Universal Basic Income. Charles wants to eliminate all welfare as we know it today and replace it with a $13,000 check that goes directly into the bank account of all Americans. Should libertarians be supporting a way to make welfare more efficient and using government as a solution? Or should libertarians be arguing how the private sector is the answer to poverty by creating more opportunities and more wealth for all? All this and much more are discussed on this episode.

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There’s $500 million in fraud taking place annually with the “Obama phones!”  Now this sort of incompetence and people taking advantage of the system is how all government programs end up working out.  Government has no incentive to be a good steward of our capital because government doesn’t have a profit motive!  And government takes money from us with force!  We have no choice but to hand over our hard earned money to the “mob.” There’s also a viral video out of a woman who’s throwing a temper tantrum because her EBT card hasn’t been recharged yet, so she’s just trashing a convenient store to show her anger. The government has been slow at recharging EBT cards for the month of June and many people are angry because the government is their sugar daddy! Personal responsibility has been lost on this society and the road to collapse seems inevitable at this point. Wake up your family and friends if they’re still asleep to the grim future we face in the very near future. What Venezuela is experiencing right now is coming here folks.

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Hilary Clinton recently responded to Trump for wanting to take advantage of a potential housing crisis from an interview in 2006. Hilary thinks buying low and selling high is being selfish and it hurts the poor! Recessions happen to correct malinvestments and those with available cash can take advantage of extremely undervalued assets! The quicker this correction happens than a faster a recovery can begin!  Those entrepreneurs with the foresight and the ability to forecast accurately what consumers want are rewarded with huge profits!  That’s a good thing!  Buying low and selling is a simple concept and yet, most people can’t see to do that!  Why is that? People get the most aggressive investing at the peak of a bubble! 

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