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How is Trump doing from a libertarian perspective? Tom Woods really sees Trump as a mixed bag with the good, the bad and the ugly. From college professor to a wildly successful entrepreneur Tom lays out what he sees are the biggest keys to success and the key tool most people aren’t utilizing that will radically improve your results! Tom officially leaks out the first guest on the Contra Cruise 2019 to Alaska! Folks, you don’t want to miss out on all the gems laid out in this episode of the Justin Mohr Show.

Thomas Sowell wrote his last column on December 28th and he decided to give it up after about 40 years of doing it!  Sowell has had a huge impact the economic world because of the amazing books he has written over the years!  He’s an extremely gifted writer who writes very clearly, concisely and is just a brilliant mind. A few points he makes in his last few columns are discussed to pay tribute to an incredible mind that has done lots of work defending the free market and making the moral case for capitalism!

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Justin talks to Dr. Mark Thornton, senior fellow at the Mises Institute. Dr. Thornton talks about why the economy is not recovering today, the FED, the cause of the low oil prices today, recent news in Switzerland, gold and silver and why deflation is not a bad thing!

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What is Money?

Justin talks about what real money is and where the concept of money comes from. Is the dollar real money?  Is the dollar safe? Tune in and find out.

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Justin talks about the unintended consequences of government policies. The possibly good intentions government laws and regulations may have, always lead to the american people being worse off. And those who are suppose to be helped by the new government policies are always the ones hurt the most. 

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Intro-What's the problem in the world today?

Justin talks about what he thinks is the major problem in the United States today. We are losing more and more freedom and not enough people are awake to realize it. When we face major economic events like the housing crisis in 2008, it's the free market and capitialism that take the blame. We need to stop this madness!

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